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96/4 follows the man who manages to attain a humble esoteric state towards the unpleasant results, revealed by Time, of his everyday actions in life and seeks his own contribution in those results, without blaming anyone else for the “misfortunes” happening to him. This allows him the opportunity to slowly begin monitoring his unconscious self in its starting move. This acceptance and study of the unconscious nature of man is the first step towards his true individual peace, with an actual open perspective towards his true individual freedom. In this early state of wake in the times we’re living in today, he comes to realize in awe that his actual nature consists of 96 percent unconsciousness and a mere 4 percent consciousness.

Recorded at: Devasoundz studio
Engineered by: Fotis Benardo
Produced by: Fotis Benardo & Sun, Rain In Life
Mixed by: Steve Evetts
Mastered by: Alan Douches at West west side music
Release date: 30/10/15